Prepare Yourself and Your Family

Few prepare a plan BEFORE they die to receive Masses and Blessings AFTER they die.

- Ron Gurba Jr

They say a person died too young. No, they died right on time. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.  

You need a game plan when it comes to Purgatory. 

Before you die we help getting you to pray for the Poor Souls, so our prayers help you when you die. Your new evangelization for the Poor Souls with your family, friends and enemies will get them started praying for the Poor Souls for them to know what to do after you die.

Resources are here to help you deal with those whose lives you were honored to be a part of but we’re called to leave this side of the veil. You will also think twice about keeping, or making, enemies. Let’s move your heart away from enemies and get you closer to thinking about God more. No enemy is worth you spending one extra second in Purgatory!

Other Stages Of Life

Dealing With Their Death

Grief tells us how much someone meant to our life and they will be missing from our future.

Accepting They Are Gone

Your role is to pray for your loved ones, friends or enemies for as long as you can.

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