Purgatory People

Action Apostolate

helps you pray for the loved ones you love, miss and will cherish forever.

You never know when their time here ends.  We expect them to be in our lives every day.  Deep in our hearts, we are scared to think about a loved one not being a phone call, a text or a surprise visit away. 

“Ron talked to me about my husband.  Sometimes I forget how important he was to others, to his family and mine and to me.  I was lucky to be his wife and I am lucky to pray for him since his family won’t.  Tell them you love them today and make a pact to pray for each other always.”

I have many examples of people getting involved with Purgatory People apostolate for them to receive blessings and prayers.  You would think I would want to keep them all for myself, but that wouldn’t be any fun knowing so many others are in need.

When the lace in my surplice ripped coming around a corner that had a nail sticking out, a friend asked if he could buy the lace on behalf of his wife who has been bed-ridden from a stroke since 2018.  

Another lady asked if she could sew the new lace in because she needs prayers, which is just in time for Easter Masses!

When given the station to be a Reader, I asked another gentleman I know who said he would appreciate me sharing that blessing with him because he was in dire need of prayers being answered.  A hospice nurse found him deceased and holding one of our Rosaries. 

Being a donor comes with blessings given back to you.  We love to share what we are doing with you, other Catholics and Protestants.  Who among us doesn’t need love or to share love with our deceased loved ones?  

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