Praying For The Poor Souls

To develop an apostolate providing Poor Souls prayer cards to help the living (Church Militant) to pray for the Poor Souls (Church Suffering) to help God experience the Special Love He has for them when they enter His Glorious Presence in Heaven (Church Triumphant!).

Guidance on the Prayer

The priest told the people they don’t need to pray, yet that is exactly what they need to do during their time of mourning.

The relative could be in Purgatory. Heaven, Purgatory or hell.

Start Your Beautiful Poor Souls Purgatory Devotion

Faith makes us wonder now

Faith is what we bring to Mass while we sit in the back hoping to keep our minds on the Sacrifice before us.

The key to understanding the role Purgatory has in our lives is to know our relationships don’t end with death.

Everything you know and loved, and hated, about the person who died hasn’t changed.

Calling You Home

In fact, Purgatory is God’s additional opportunity for us to go to Heaven. PROTEST-ants are gung-ho on talking about God’s endless blessing of Forgiveness, which is Purgatory

Heaven is a place at the end of our Obedience to Our Lord. Yet He calls many through prayer and circumstances and millions of other ways to follow Him.

How sad we will feel when He shows us how many times the Father, Son and Holy Spirit worked to bring us Home, but we didn’t listen to His Call.

“I asked these souls what their greatest suffering was. They answered me in one voice that their greatest torment was longing for God.” — St Faustina

The Road To Heaven

I wanted a way to help the living help their loved ones get to Heaven faster, sooner and with more caring.

“Right now loved ones in your family tree are calling out for you to pray for them with Masses, Rosary’s, Eucharistic Adoration and simple little Our Father’s when you are feeling sad, lonely or lost.”

You aren’t lost. You sat down on your path to Heaven. Prayers help you get back up to move forward. Once you are up again, you will see how important prayer is to our Sanctity.

Great Joy

Every time a soul leaves Purgatory and enters Heaven God is there to greet him with great Love and Joy. Please help me pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, who may be your loved one, friend or enemy.

Isn’t it odd how praying for your enemy takes more energy and concentration than praying for a loved one, yet there is more joy when we finish praying?

Don’t let the evil spirit create turmoil in your soul to prevent you from praying. Your deceased family, friends and enemies are counting on you too much.

Glory To God

I will expand on this in a blog post, but the point is you should NEVER, EVER, EVER want a soul to go to hell no matter what the person did to you.

Now ask me why?

Because you never want the evil one to get a soul God Created.

Time To Pray

And you never want to go before God to say you helped a soul go to hell.

Why should he save you when you worked, and didn’t offer prayer work, to help that soul go to Heaven?

Time to get personal. Time to pray.

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