Latin Mass Pilgrimage New Orleans

The World Famous Pilgrimage focused on Latin Masses, with speakers, historical location visits and hours of praying that will touch your heart and move your soul.

Latin Mass

Every day we will attend a Latin Mass somewhere in the Greater New Orleans area. 

For years we have traveled this pilgrimage to the point we are involved as either an 
Altar Server or Sacristan to support the Latin Mass and Pastors.

New Orleans, LA

Tuesday, Oct. 31 - Sunday, Nov. 5, 2023


You will be impressed with speakers who are well versed with the Latin Mass, the history of Catholic Church buildings and New Orleans culture.

From German-created and designed stained glass made in the 1800's, statues and Stations of the Cross made of marble to church organs that play Gregorian Chant beautifully, you will truly feel like you are in Our Lord's house on earth.

The speakers will present at different times on different days.


Each Latin Mass will have a Feast Day or Devotion centered on bringing Love, Reparation or our souls to God.

Holy Eucharist

How the Eucharist draws more love to your heart

Poor Souls in Purgatory

Conversations today that will last a lifetime

Seven Sisters Apostolate & Fasting Brothers

Praying for your pastor strenghtens your parish

First Friday Sacred Heart

Consoling Jesus’ Heart is sharing yourself with Him

First Saturday Immaculate Heart of Mary

Ask pardon for so many sins against Her Immaculate Heart

First Sunday St Joseph

Honor Our Lord’s Dad and pray the St Joseph’s Rosary

New Orleans cemeteries, Museums and Catholic places

City of New Orleans

More Saints walked the street of New Orleans than any other city in the United States.  

You will see important locations where Saints knelt to pray, lived their virtues and helped New Orleans faithful, since New Orleans has always been a Catholic city.
More rivers drain, or flow into, the Mississippi River that flows down to New Orleans than any other river in the U.S.


Consider how God is calling you into a deeper intimate relationship with Him where you gaze, honor and love Him. 


The donation covers:

–Mass offering



–Catholic space entry fees

–Poor Souls gift set

–First Devotions Prayer Booklet & pdf

–Transportation to/from hotel to churches

–Appetizers and soft drinks/coffee for lunch and dinner

–hotel, airfare not included 

–hotel offers airport shuttle




Present your love of the Latin Mass and New Orleans Catholic culture by sponsoring one or more:


–Lunch or Dinner

–Speaker opportunities


–Other options

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