Dealing With Their Death

Mourning Conversations Talk Therapy

Sharing Your Best Memories And Sorrows Brings Comfort As A Catholic Community
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When You Need To Talk About Their Life

“Talking is not easy to start, but after a few minutes of listening to humor they shared with me, I was more at ease to say a few things, then more and more until forgotten details made me happy again, if only for a short while.”

Let's Pray Together

“I haven’t prayed with someone since the funeral because everyone has moved on, so why am I in such sorrow? I cried, but my tears had more joy than pain. We discussed my prayer life plan to let in more joy.” 

We Love Listening

“They got me started talking right away. I was expecting a conversation over coffee, but they were anxious to listen to me. Do you know how people don’t understand where you are?  He did. He led me more than I led him. I needed that refreshing talk.”

Sharing Memories

“Vacations, tender moments, graduation, family tragedies and more were part of ‘us.’ It felt good reminding myself that a day of death paled in comparison to dozens of years of life and marriage. I shared the journey and left the destination that we all face to another conversation.”

Other Stages Of Life

Prepare Yourself For Missing Them

You and your loved ones need ideas to prepare yourself for the passing of a loved one.

Accepting They Are Gone

Your role is to pray for your loved ones, friends or enemies for as long as you can.

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