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PRAY LOUD so they can hear you too

An Apostolate of Love and Mourning

Always walk in the presence of God. Tell Him everything. Talk to Him as you would talk to a friend. Guard your interior life carefully.

Retired Archbishop of the Archdiocese of New Orleans gave us his blessing with the stipulation that we get pastor approval before putting our prayer cards in any catholic church. Please help us honor the Archbishop’s request by contacting your pastor before you put them in the church you attend Mass.

If a Priest washes his hands with Holy Water before touching the Eucharist, why do the Faithful accept Communion in their dirty, sinful hands? Don’t touch Our Lord. Accept on the tongue only from a priest!

Start Your Beautiful Poor Souls Purgatory Devotion

But you want the real story from one person to another.

Who knows why I prayed at the age of 15 that I didn’t want to attend my first funeral mass until after I turned 30.

I went to my first funeral, the day after I turned 30.

The more years that have passed, the more the coincidence would be deemed normal.

At the funeral, with the door closed, the family gathered around the closed casket, we heard a few words from the priest about how the relative had to be in Heaven.

Too many priests are giving in to the families to say their recently, or any, deceased relative is automatically in Heaven.

YES and NO!

Yes, we hope he is.

What if he isn’t?

It’s ok to be honest.

The Love the family members share should continue for the rest of their days.

An Apostolate

PRAY LOUD so they can hear you too. The time to be shy has passed.

There are many stories about events that have transpired.

A few years ago a Bishop offered a special blessing for our apostolate. Until that blessing, I didn’t see this apostolate as being as big or needed.

“Our Purgatory prayer cards give direct guidance to pray to help those in mourning, regardless what anyone tells you. Every time your loved one comes to mind say a few prayers for them. “

Remembering The Holy Souls

In business we hand each other business cards all the time. A quick glance and we barely hear the sales pitch.

I hand someone a Poor Souls card and chances are the floodgates of a relationship pour out, sometimes accompanied by tears, laughter or silent pauses.

The silent pauses are the most telling. There, in those varied moments around the conversation, are the real stories.

We are the Purgatory People

You are wanting to tell me more, but there are too many factors and the situation warrants more time than a few minutes. The real web isn’t online. The real web is in the connection between our relationships.

I know you are thinking of the whirlwind event, people coming and going, he said this, she said that, and then we glanced and later had a laugh, cry or just a simple silent moment.

We don’t know the depth of Love that Heaven is celebrating during one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church Mass while on earth, but imagine offering that Love for your loved one!

Thanks Be To God

Two priests have given me messages from the other side. We know the Blessed Mother and the Poor Souls love what we are doing!

We need your help praying for those who are the most neglected. The abandoned. The souls Our Lord wants in Heaven as soon as possible.

You will too when you pray our cards as they comfort you while you mourn.

Our prayer cards, as you call on Our Lord with the Pater Noster (Our Father), the Rosary with the Ave Maria (Hail Mary), and the Glory Be (Gloria Patri) that will comfort you while you mourn with all the Love you have in your Heart.

The Poor Souls in Purgatory Action Apostolate is your resource center using Poor Souls prayer cards, either printed or on your phone, Rosary’s and prayers to help your family, friends or enemies should they be in Purgatory.

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Voice Mail: (504) 233-0218
Email: Ron@PurgatoryPeople.org

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